About Choice Radar

How Choice Radar idea started – My Story

For all these years, I was doing the same mistakes as every normal person would do, to see only the obvious choices shown before our eyes.

When I started to take interest in the start-up world, I was amazed to see companies and businesses that would have been a great choice for many of my daily problems.

But I had no idea that these choices i.e companies even existed.

Interestingly these companies or start-ups were doing great business.

So some people were able to find these choices and get value from it.

This means only one thing. I was living in a bubble and I did not want to look out for the choices.

I decided to start this blog to help everyone like me, to find these great choices, some might be unknown but they might be the one you are looking for.

I will try my best to cover many aspects of life and list out the choices available for those.

I will ensure choices are not stereotypes but the ones that give value.

It’s a very big world out there.

Let’s break the bubble.